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Building Investor Relationships

kin communications is experienced in identifying and partnering with top performing public companies to create innovative investor relations programs that deliver value for both our clients and investment community.

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Vancouver's Full Service Investor Relations Solution

kin communications is Vancouver’s leading full-service investor relations firm offering a wide range of customized investor relations programs that ensure our clients and stakeholders reach their business objectives.

From raising interest to raising capital the kin team has the experience and expertise to develop strategic investor outreach programs that effectively tells your company story. Implementing proven IR strategies and cutting edge digital techniques we deliver results that better engages the financial community and creates long-term value for both clients and investors.

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Kin Elite Investor Network

Exclusive financing opportunities for our investor network. Get in on the ground floor and stay abreast of new developments because we work hard to follow everything that’s going on, from the inside.

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100 - 736 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1G3


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